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The use of monopreparations of biaxin is not recommended, since with hypovitaminosis the balance of all vitamins and microelements in the body is usually disturbed.

Multivitamin preparations allow you to buy biaxin online up for the lack of all vitamins. But polydrugs should be selected with caution, as some vitamins can adversely affect each other when taken simultaneously. That is why the most modern drugs for the treatment of hypovitaminosis involve taking different groups of vitamins separated in time. In this regard, the ingestion of vitamins with food is the most physiological - after all, nature has already developed an optimal system for the intake of vitamins into the body so that they do not break down and inactivate each other.

To date, there are special vitamin complexes for various categories of biaxin pills that may experience hypovitaminosis. for workers in hot shops, persons performing heavy physical work, pregnant women, children, as well as for use during the recovery period after severe infections (salmonellosis, typhoid fever, diphtheria, infectious mononucleosis, etc.) and other diseases. The prognosis for moderate hypovitaminosis is favorable, provided that the diet is normalized, and timely prevention of hypovitaminosis is carried out.

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In severe avitaminosis, the prognosis is unfavorable, even with good nutrition and the introduction of all the necessary vitamins, it is not always possible to restore the normal functioning of the body. Occasionally missed beriberi can even lead to the death of the patient. Prevention of hypovitaminosis consists in a balanced and rational diet, the use of a sufficient amount of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. In the autumn-winter period, be sure to include fresh and sauerkraut, carrots, fortified drinks (freshly squeezed juices, rosehip and yeast broth, natural lemonade) in the diet. During the period of increased consumption of vitamins, it is necessary to take multivitamin complexes (during pregnancy, serious illness, if the work requires physical labor or mental stress).

A consultation with a gastroenterologist is mandatory for any suspicion of hypovitaminosis. During the initial treatment, the doctor will clarify the complaints in detail, analyze the clinical manifestations and make a preliminary diagnosis. In the presence of a modern laboratory, a special examination is possible to determine the level of vitamins of interest in the body.

Lack of a vitamin in the diet, unbalanced nutrition Destruction of nutrients in food containing them due to improper storage conditions or as a result of temperature or other culinary processingfor hypovitaminosis C, R.

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If the patient has a concomitant pathology that could lead to buy clarithromycin online, appropriate examinations should be carried out - esophagogastroduodenoscopy, intragastric pH-metry, fecal analysis for helminth eggs (worms). It is also necessary to find out from the patient whether he has undergone surgical interventions, after which the absorption of vitamins is impaired (distal or proximal resection of the stomach, segmental resection of the small intestine, etc.). A repeated consultation with a gastroenterologist (after a complete examination and a thorough history taking) will allow you to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.

Treatment in the department of gastroenterology requires only the most severe manifestations of vitamin deficiency - beriberi. Currently, serious hypovitaminosis is quite rare, most often patients go to the doctor about moderate manifestations of vitamin deficiency. Nevertheless, vitamin deficiency is best treated precisely at the stage of unexpressed hypovitaminosis, but with severe beriberi, it is sometimes impossible to help the patient.

The main goal of the treatment of hypovitaminosis is the introduction of missing vitamins into the body. The most appropriate method of treating hypovitaminosis will be the intake of these substances with food. Firstly, these forms of vitamins are better absorbed in the intestines. Secondly, other nutrients that are involved in the metabolism of vitamins and minerals come with food.